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PRESS RELEASE - 30th May 2007

Have you got Broadband or Fraudband?

The Internet Club have just made another massive investment in Internet hardware. Their whole network backbone and infrastructure is currently being replaced at a total cost of 65,000. The new hardware will push speeds on the network from 11 Mbps to 54 Mbps.

"It was the right time for us," ..........more

In addition to this, TIC have agreed a contract for the supply and installation of a fiber optic cable, connecting them directly to Turkey and Europe.

"This is a very important development" ..........more

In the UK and the rest of Europe, fiber optic cables have been used to deliver internet for a number of years but have only recently been introduced to the TRNC.

"Users want faster speeds. There is only one way - fiber optic cable" ..........more

Data travels through a fiber optic cable at the speed of light with minimal delay. Unlimited bandwidth can be delivered at lightning speed. With the fiber optic cable as the primary source of supply and the satellite earth station as a back up, TIC is in a very strong position.

"SIMULTANEOUS Voip, downloading, surfing and UK radio" ..........more

Most internet connections are shared between users but fiber optic cable supports the delivery of uncontended (dedicated) bandwidth for fast internet on demand.

"The business community will greatly benefit from this technology" ..........more

The Internet Club have earned their reputation for good customer service by providing seven day a week support. Each Member has the personal telephone number of each of the principles of the business.

"If there is a problem, personal communication is the key" ..........more

A large community of retired ex-pats is bound to include more than its fair share of computer, internet and e-mailing novices , some, purchasing and using a computer and the internet for the first time but apparently, they needn't worry.

"It is a very exciting time at the Internet Club at the moment" ..........more

Ronnie and Paul were introduced to each other by another Internet service provider who according to them, eventually chose different priorities to those that had been promised as an incentive for them both to stay. There are no hard feelings however, because this was the catalyst that resulted in the creation of The Internet Club.

"We both consider ourselves to be very lucky in the way that we were introduced and left united with a common cause. This cause is the reason for our success and motivates us every day in our quest to become the BEST Internet service provider in Northern Cyprus. For this, we will be eternally grateful."

Cyprus Today Article...14-10-2006

Sending photos by e-mail

"When I send photographs as attachments to my e-mails, why does it take so long for the e-mails to send?" ..........more

asks Allan Flaskett of Ozankoy


Cyprus Today Article...21-10-2006


"I do my Internet banking on-line, how do I know whether my passwords are good or bad, or hard or easy for someone to guess?" ..........more

asks Jean Flowers in Ozankoy

Cyprus Today Article...28-10-2006

Top 3 Computer Problems

"My computer is running slowly" ..........more

"I can't get onto the internet" ..........more

"My home page has changed itself" ..........more


Cyprus Today Article...04-11-2006

Wireless Routers

"I wan't to use my laptop computer anywhere in the house (including the patio outside.) My internet connection has a wire that I have to plug into my laptop and this makes it impossible to move round the house. What can I do, if anything?" ..........more

Trevor Robinson, Kayalar.

Cyprus Today Article...11-11-2006

Organising Your Files

""I have hundreds (maybe a thousand or more) personal files of all types on my computer, how can I identify them, delete what I don't want to keep, organise the remainder and make a backup?" ..........more

asks Tony Cotterill of Esentepe.

Cyprus Today Article...18-11-2006

Safeguarding my data

"I have read and heard so much about internet security issues recently that I worry whether someone can hack into my data. Is there anything that I should be doing to safeguard my data?" ..........more

Cyprus Today Article...25-11-2006

Language Problems

"I have recently replaced my UK PC with a locally purchased one and am finding a language problem, particularly when downloading some programmes from the Internet. The completed download is fine except the instructions for use appear in turkish. I recently downloaded picasa but am now frustrated!" ..........more

says Brenda Fletcher

Cyprus Today Article...02-12-2006

Viruses, Trojans, Worms and Cookies

"I am having continual problems with my computer and I am told that viruses, trojans, worms and cookies are the problem. What are these, how do I get rid of them and how do I protect against getting them in the future?" ..........more

asks Colin of Ozankoy

Cyprus Today Article...09-12-2006

On-line Email v Outlook Express

"Why does my on-line e-mail account work so slowly and my friend's e-mail account in Outlook Express work so quickly and can I configure Outlook Express to work with my e-mail account?" ..........more

asks Brian of Karsiyaka

Cyprus Today Article...16-12-2006

Speeding up your PC

"Recently, I have noticed that my computer runs a lot slower than it used to. What can I do to speed it up?" ..........more

asks Ryan of Gazi Magusa

Cyprus Today Article...23-12-2006

Speeding up your PC - Part 2

"Recently, I have noticed that my computer runs a lot slower than it used to. What can I do to speed it up?" ..........more

asks Ryan of Gazi Magusa

Cyprus Today Article...06-01-2007

Speaker Problems

"We have a problem in that our computer speakers keep 'blowing' - 6 sets to date. Any advice?" ..........more

asks Jenny and Kim Tyler of Alsancak

Cyprus Today Article...13-01-2007

Paypal e-mail scam

"On Tuesday this week, I received an e-mail asking me to visit a web site and enter my Paypal user name and password. What should I do to report the scam?" ..........more

asks Jean Flowers of Ozankoy

Cyprus Today Article...20-01-2007

Those Annoying Pop-ups

"I'm sick of those annoying windows that pop-up all the time when I am looking at web pages. Is there anything that I can do to stop them?" ..........more

asks Ray of Ozankoy

Cyprus Today Article...27-01-2007

Six of the Best Windows XP Tips and Tricks


Cyprus Today Article...03-02-2007

Stay with XP or Upgrade to Vista?

"It's been a long time in the making (5 Years) and it's the last new release of a totally new Windows from Microsoft under the stewardship of Bill Gates but first, with so many different versions of Vista available, how much is it going to cost you to purchase a new copy or upgrade to Vista?" ..........more

Cyprus Today Article...10-02-2007

Computer slow to start?

"My computer is taking much longer than it used to to start up. What can I do to speed it up?" ..........more

asks Geraldine of Alsancak.

Cyprus Today Article...17-02-2007

The Jumping Mouse!

"The other day I sent an e-mail to a friend and whilst referring to an old school pal of ours (and she was copied in on the e-mail) a "typo" (caused by my jumping mouse) changed her name into a swear word. Very embarrassing! I won't say how except that her second name is Duckworth. I'll leave the rest to your own imagination.

Why, when I am typing in Outlook, a Word document or in my on-line e-mail program, do I look up to see that the letters that I am typing are suddenly being typed somewhere else on the page, usually in the middle of another word?" ..........more

asks Jenny of Karakum.

Cyprus Today Article...24-02-2007

Organising and preparing a Rat's Nest Spaghetti!

"I have repeatedly asked my other half to sort out the mess underneath and behind his computer". Wires, plugs, extension leads, printers - they are all down there somewhere and what a dust gathering mess. Is there any recognised method of sorting out the rat's nest of tangled wire spaghetti?" ..........more

asks Melanie of Lapta.

Cyprus Today Article...03-03-2007

Internet Explorer 7

"Recently, I clicked on one of those messages that periodically pops up at the bottom right hand side of my screen, "Updates are available for your computer" or something similar. I followed the process and ended up with Internet Explorer 7 (IE7). Is it just me or is IE7 slower than the older version? If so, can it be speeded up somehow or, if not, is it easily removed or is there an alternative?" ..........more

asks Kate of Catalkoy.

Cyprus Today Article...10-03-2007

Personalising Your Desktop

"In my house there is one PC and four people (hubby, two children and me) - 4 different user log in options. Why do certain desktop icons appear on all of our desktops and others don't and is there a way to easily add, swap or change desktop icons, files and folders between the desktops of each of the users?" ..........more

asks Sue of Alsancak.

Cyprus Today Article...17-03-2007

Periodic Internet Browsing Maintenance

"Is there anything that I should be doing on a regular basis to keep my computer system running in tip top condition, so that it runs at its best with my Internet connection?" ..........more

asks Kate of Girne.

Cyprus Today Article...24-03-2007

Inserting a picture into an e-mail

"Occasionally, I receive e-mails with graphics at the top. My friend has made her own letterhead and puts it at the top of all her e-mails. It looks fantastic. Can you give me instructions how to do this?" ..........more

asks Peter of Karsiyaka.

Cyprus Today Article...31-03-2007

Backing up Outlook Express Settings and Mail

"My computer recently developed a problem and I took it into a computer shop for it to be fixed. When I returned, they told me that they had formatted my hard drive and re-installed Windows XP to fix the problem. I wasn't worried because I had recently backed up my personal photo's and documents however, I was horrified when I realised that I didn't have a back up of my Outlook Express address book or my e-mails. How do I back them up?" ..........more

asks Derek of Catalkoy.

Cyprus Today Article...07-04-2007

My Copy of Windows is Not Genuine!

"Over the past few months, when I start Windows, a pop-up has been appearing telling me that my copy of Windows is not genuine however, the other day, I received a message saying that the VLK has been blocked and my cursor keeps freezing. I have to re-start my computer to get it going again and it works for a while but then freezes again. Is there anything that I can do to stop this from happening," ..........more

asks Peter of Ozankoy.

Cyprus Today Article...14-04-2007

Summat for Nowt

It's nice to get "summat for nowt" every now and then. Here's a list of free Windows XP utilities that are available from Microsoft ..........more

Cyprus Today Article...21-04-2007

Tabbed Browsing

"I have upgraded to Internet Explorer 7 but I can't seem to get used to the new method of tabbed browsing. In the old Internet Explorer I was used to the way that it worked. I knew how to open a new Internet Explorer window etc. and then navigate between the various open windows. Have you got any tips and tricks that will help me," ..........more

asks Margaret of Alsancak.

Cyprus Today Article...28-04-2007

Who's Spamming Who!

"Downloading from the internet is on the increase with peer to peer file sharing generating enormous amounts of traffic but what else are we downloading along with our list of your favourite music files when using programs such as Limewire?" ..........more

Cyprus Today Article...05-05-2007

E-mailing, it's funny and it's safe

"A favourite internet pass time nowadays is to send funny jokes, pictures and video clips to our friends and there's nothing wrong with that but when sending an e-mail to multiple recipients, are we using "CC" or "BCC"?" ..........more

Cyprus Today Article...12-05-2007

Picture this...

"When an email has an attachment of photographs and they are too large for the screen. To view them I have to slide the horizontal bar accross and the vertical bar down. How can I make them smaller. I have Adobe and Kodak programs installed." ..........more

asks Jean Burton.

"I have received several attachments which I need to print off but they are too large to do and too large to read on screen without frenzied toolbar manipulation. Is it possible to reduce these to at least A4 size for printing purposes. I have frequently received pictures with the same problem but printing wasn't necessary in these cases but it would be helpful if they could be reduced also, ..........more"

asks Jim Geddis of Catalkoy

Cyprus Today Article...19-05-2007

I can't get on to the internet

I switched my computer on yesterday and there was a red cross on the two little computer screens in the bottom right hand corner and I couldn't get on the internet. Instead, all I got was "page cannot be displayed." Can you help? ..........more

asks Peter of Karsiyaka

Cyprus Today Article...26-05-2007

Trouble Free Data Backup

"After losing yet another batch of pictures of my grand daughter, I am determined not to lose another but what is the easiest way to automatically backup the pictures and files that I don't want to lose? ..........more"

asks Alison of Kayalar.

Cyprus Today Article...02-06-2007

Yellow Triangle!

"Periodically, a yellow triangle with an explanation mark appears in the bottom right hand corner of my computer screen and when it does, I can't get on to the internet. Why does this happen and is there anything that I can do to stop it from happening?" ..........more

asks Gerry from Malatya.

Cyprus Today Article...09-06-2007

Back to Power

"In our very first problem solver column, we answered a question relating to power supply problems. Recently, we have experienced an increase in the amount of power cuts and with this, an increase in the amount of reported computer hardware problems." ..........more

Cyprus Today Article...16-06-2007

Red Cross - Yellow Triangle

"I read your articles recently about the "Red Cross" and "Yellow Triangle" and, although I can't get on to the Internet sometimes, I don't see either of the warning icons as you described them or the two small computer screens in the bottom right hand corner. Is there a setting that I can change to show the icons or receive the warnings when I haven't got an Internet connection?" ..........more

asks Kevin from Tatlisu.

Cyprus Today Article...23-06-2007

I can't get onto secure sites?

"Suddenly, I can't get onto secure sites (the ones with the "s" after "http") such as my banking site and any site that I have to enter a username and password that uses secure authentication. I can't understand why? In the past, I haven't had any problems! Can you help with any suggestions? ..........more"

asks Kerry of Ozankoy.

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